Which came first? The Bunny or the Egg?

By Hoffman's Patterns of the Past | Feb 26, 2013

(With apologies to the Cadbury Chocolate Company!) At Hoffman's, the Bunny, the Egg, the Chick, and all of their Easter friends seem to have arrived together! Need a stand to display the Egg? We've got stands, egg cups, and egg trays! We've got Bunnies of every description--huggable plush dolls, funny figurines, realistic figurines. Bunnies with clothes on and bunnies au naturel! We've got faux chocolate bunnies, too.

And while we don't sell real chocolate bunnies or eggs, we've got a new line of mouth-watering chocolate-covered fruits and nuts from the South Bend Chocolate Company. They'd make a great addition to any Easter basket!

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