Update Extension: December 24th.  Health Insurance Deadline #1

By J. Burt & Associates | Dec 22, 2013

Monday it was revealed that you can apply on Healthcare.gov through 11:59pm on December 24th and still get coverage by January 1st.  You have until January 10th to pay the first premium.


Do you need health insurance in-force on January 1st? Then Tuesday is it to get it done, and we here at J. Burt & Associates are here to help.  If you have your information in order, and if Healthcare.gov is cooperating, we can get you set up in about 45 minutes.

Need an email?  Check.

Need to know just how the plans work? Check.

Need guidance on the whole process? Check.

Need payment instructions for your first premium? Check.

Need an adviser who is a Certified Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Professional?  Check.

Need to make sure your Doctor is in the PPO? Check.

Need a tax credit to help pay the premium? Check.

Like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois? Check.

Like Humana? Check.

Like Health Alliance? Check.

Call 815-223-1222 right now for your appointment.

And if you decide to go it alone, when you create your account at Healthcare.gov

you will be asked if you had any help.  Agent advice and service can be important

AFTER the enrollment process.  In this section click on 'Agent or Broker' and enter the

following information:

First: Henry  Last: Burt

FFM ID:  hjburt   NPN:  257847

Whatever you do-Good Luck!






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