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The Frame Shop
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Oglesby, IL 61348-1215
Phone: 815-883-9822
Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm or by appt.

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The Frame Shop Eyewear Boutique is your source for quality, affordable and comfortable eyewear for the whole family. NEW! In addition to filling all eye Doctor prescriptions, The Frame Shop also has a staff Optometrist for your convenience. Call today for an appointment with Dr. James Sunday!

The Frame Shop Eyewear Boutique owner Mike Wagner is a American Board of Opticianry Certified Optician with over 30 years of experience and expertise in the field. We offer a full line of frame styles from fashion to Designer models in addition to the latest in eyeglass lens material and lens treatment technologies, and carry a wide range of Sunglasses, both non prescription and prescription in all types of lens material and tints including polarized lenses. Additionally, we fit contact lenses as well as dispense Low Vision aide products for the visually impaired.

At the Frame Shop, our only goal is patient satisfaction; from quality materials, to measurement and manufacture, to final dispensing, we know you will be pleased!

Remember; As a consumer you are at liberty to purchase Eyewear anywhere you choose. Therefore, ask your Doctor for a copy of your Prescription today and come in to see us…we look forward to meeting you! 

The Frame Shop Eyewear Boutique at 170 E. Walnut Street in Oglesby...your source for quality, comfortable eyewear at affordable prices.

Get Your Money's Worth!

Did you know designer sunglasses are sturdier than the ones you can purchase from your local drugstore? Not to mention how well they protect your eyes from the sun's damaging rays!
What's "In" This Spring?

Extra details on eyewear frames are a big trend for 2014. Wood and metal accents are popular, as are cut-outs and embellishments on the sides and arms of the frames. The more unique the better, so personalize your frames as much as you want!
Polarized....where'd it come from?

Photographers have been using polarized camera lenses for a long time. Polarized lenses improve photographs by removing glare, improving colors, and increasing the depth and contrast of the photo. Imagine what they can do for your vision! Wouldn’t you want to see a photograph quality image every ...
Winter is not the best months for eye health

Heating systems in your home and office create dry air that can affect your eyes. If you are experiencing dry eyes this winter, be sure to invest in a small portable humidifier to put moisture back in the air. Your eyes will thank you! From The Frame Shop & Eyewear Boutique 170 E. Walnut St ...
Problems with your glasses?  We can help!

Come by The Frame Shop and Eyewear Boutique in Oglesby and get the attention you deserve! If you've had trouble with your glasses in the past, we can help you. We will go though the process with you to make sure your glasses are a perfect customized fit! The Frame Shop & Eyewear Boutique 170 E. ...
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