Starved Rock Lodge - "50 State Parks that will make you forget all about the shutdown."

By Starved Rock Lodge | Oct 15, 2013

Starved Rock State Park (near Utica, IL) is the only one in Illinois listed in a recently published article titled "50 State Parks that will make you forget all about the shutdown." The story appeared nationally saying that Starved Rock State Park has 18 canyons. That part is true. The article also says that 14 of the 18 canyons have waterfalls. That statement is not true as of October 14, 2013. "Waterfalls at Starved Rock depend on rainfall" said Kathy Casstevens, Marketing Direct or for Starved Rock Lodge, "And ,we haven't had much of that since a flood in April. We try really hard to inform first-time visitors that we have seasonal waterfalls, so people don't think it's like Hawaii or Jamaica." Even though the waterfalls are almost all inactive, the canyons are stunning and so are the fall colors as well as the views from the top of Starved Rock, Lover's Leap and Eagle Cliff. The most popular canyons to hike to are French Canyon (closest to Starved Rock Lodge), St. Louis, LaSalle and Tonti Canyons. Guided hikes are offered through Starved Rock Lodge each weekend and they include lunch. The cost per hiker is $17. Reservations are required. Call (815) 220-7386. Fall Colors Trolley Tours are offered on Mondays and Saturdays and include lunch. This tour is not offered on Fall Colors Weekend, however. October 19 & 20 is Fall Colors Weekend and the Starved Rock State Park Visitor Center will offer f ree guided hikes, which depart from the Visitor Center at 9 am and 1 pm both days. The forecast for this weekend looks good, so outdoor dining will be offered on the Veranda at Starved Rock Lodge. For those who aren't up to hiking, this is an excellent way to take in the beauty of the park. Head to the far east end of the Veranda and look down, you'll see a piece of flagstone quietly place there which is in the shape of an arrow -pointing directly at Starved Rock. "The Civilian Conservation Corps placed this arrow-shaped stone here in the 1930s and what a great idea that was," said Casstevens.


Starved Rock State Park was named a National Historic Landmark in 1960. Starved Rock Lodge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. Together, this unique State Park and Lodge, set amid the cornfields and flatlands of Illinois will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits here. "Woods, water and history are what make this place great," said Terry Cross, president of Starved Rock Lodge, "We know that Starved Rock is the jewel in the crown of Illinois, we just want everyone else to know and see it for themselves."


Starved Rock Lodge created Leaf Peeper's Package and even has a place on their website for fall colors updates (www.starvedrocklodge.com)


Appearing in over 52 newspapers, from the Mojave Dessert News to the Baltimore Sun , the shutdown article says, "The government shutdown is having far-reaching consequences, but travelers are really feeling the pinch as their plans get ... well, shut down ... due to national park and monument closures. But America's principal attractions aren't all shuttered. From sea to shining sea, state parks have an astounding array of natural wonders and historic hotspots well worth a look. So don't cancel your travel plans. Instead, head out to these 50 amazing state parks that will leave you saying, "Shutdown? What shutdown?"

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