Ninth Street Pub
253 9th ST
La Salle, IL 61301-1742
Phone: 815-223-8960
Email: ebener@comcast.net

Welcome to 9th St Pub

Where Our Customers Send Their Friends

The 9th Street Pub is the place where you'll never feel like a stranger and where the best food and drink are served at a good price. Boasting 52 import beers with two major brands on tap. The Pub has a flair for taste and style.

A variety of food from BBQ Ribs to authentic Mexican Tacos is served in a relaxing atmosphere. We present the finest in live music several nights a week and the best CD's played over a fine house stereo are constant companions at the 9th Street Pub.

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Friday's specials at Ninth Street Pub

Breaded Cod Sandwich and Fries $6.50 Pork Chop Sandwich w/Mozzarella Cheese, Onion and Slaw $6.50 Tai Chicken Salad w/Spinach and Arugula $6.25 Spaghetti and Meatballs w/Garlic Bread $6.75 Veggie Sandwich w/Cup of Soup or Salad $6.25 Soups: Seafood Gumbo, Navy Bean and Chicken Fajita
Friday's Breakfast Special @ Ninth Street Pub

2 Eggs and Toast Only $1.95 Fresh Garden Salad with Mixed Greens $6.50 Breaded Cod Sandwich with Fries $6.50
Try Our Mixed Greens Thai Chicken Salad with Arugula ...

BBQ Baked Chicken with Mashed & Gravy or Smoked Beef Brisket Hoagie Delicious
Ninth Street Pub has great drink specials and so much ...

Tonight get PBR pints for just $1.50! Enjoy our tasty food, free wi-fi, and video gaming slots!
Tuesday's specials for Ninth Street Pub

Jumbo Pork Tenderloin and Fries $6.50 Italian Sausage with Sweet Potato Fries $6.75 Open Faced Pulled Pork Sandwich /w Homemade Coleslaw $6.95 Big Bowl Seafood Gumbo w/ Crostini 8.95 Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich w/Cup of Soup or Salad $6.50 Soups: Ravs and Broth, Chili w/Cheddar, Chicken Fajita
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