Mall wrong to ask to clinic to remove advertisement a News Tribune Editorial

By Abigail Women's Clinic | Dec 17, 2013

This was a Letter to the Editor in Monday, December 16, 2013 News Tribune Paper.


Dear Reader,

We here at Abigail Women’s Clinic in Mendota, IL are a Crisis Pregnancy Center.  Our vision statement clearly defines that we are all about, “Making a Stand for Life in the Illinois Valley.”  We provide “free” pregnancy tests and obstetrical ultrasounds to anyone in need of these services.  We provide counseling to men and women involved in crisis pregnancy situation in our “Earn While You Learn” program.  We provide information to those who might be seeking to have their newborns adopted.  Our services are provided free at no charge.  We are a non-profit organization with funding by donations from those who support us.  
Obviously there is a need for us to advertise our services to those who are in need.  Recently we had contracted such advertisement with an organization that has a display at the Peru Mall.  For a period of 9 months, we have had our display in one of their stations in the mall.  All of a sudden the mall management called us and said that they were taking it down and that they reserved the right to do so without giving a reason.  They tried to pass the buck by saying that they had a contract with a local healthcare provider that prohibits it from advertising for another health care provider.  We set up a meeting with that local healthcare provider only to find out they had nothing to do with our ad being removed.  So it seems that the management of the Peru Mall themselves are the ones discriminating against us and our service to the community.  It depicts them as being uncaring for those in these crisis situations and of the potential life of the unborn.  I cannot speak for anyone else, but my days of shopping at the Peru Mall have ended.

Gary Winner
Board President
Abigail Women’s Clinic, Mendota IL


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