Have you Heard about the 4 Languages of Family Caregiving?

By Roots and Wings | Feb 05, 2014

The foundation for most great relationships is effective communication!  The Primary Caregiver for aging parents has several relationships to maintain at the same time—with the aging parents; with other siblings, who may or may not be directly involved in the caregiving; with their own children, spouse, or partner; with the professionals involved in the care of their parents, etc.  WHEW!

Understanding the languages of words, time, gifts, and physical touch will improve communication between everyone involved in a caregiving relationship.   If your language is words, you thrive on verbal compliments and words of encouragement.  If you speak from the language of time, you value quality time from others who give their undivided attention.  Those whose language is gifts would benefit from respite care—time away from caregiving responsibilities to go to dinner and a movie, to read a book,  knowing that their loved one is cared for by another family member.  Finally, if you speak the language of physical touch, you welcome a hug, a gentle back rub, or having your hand held.

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