Exchange/Marketplace Day 1-Glitch!

By J. Burt & Associates | Oct 02, 2013

Well Day One of the roll out of the new Exchange/Marketplace has come and gone with results pretty much as most everyone had expected.  Most folks we work with were unable to to get past the "Creating Your Account" phase of the process. Over 2.8 million hits were recorded at www.healthcare.gov . If you got the notice We are Sorry we are busy now screen, a very nice feature is that the page will refresh itself automatically much like trying to get into the virtual waiting room for Cubs tickets.  A lot of people were able to get to step 3 for the Challenge Questions but here is where the bugs really came out. Most times the actual questions did not appear in the drop down boxes.  And then if they did appear, the system would not complete the next and final step.  A quick check this morning shows much of the same thing. Things seemed a little better at the State of Illinois site getcoveredillinois.gov

Some may wonder why the Exchange opened at the same time as the government shutdown.  The answer is that spending for the Affordable Care Act was included in 'mandatory' or 'essential' spending in the budget.

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PS:  Here is an important number to save and use on the Exchange. 257847

If you want to have access to an agent during or after enrollment, use that number on the agent section of the Exchange application.




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