Do You Know When “Staying Connected” is More Important Than Ever?

By Roots and Wings | Apr 09, 2014

As parents age, and their needs begin to change, it is important for family members to stay connected.  Everyone is so busy with their own life, that, days, even weeks, quickly slip by without any communication between adult children and their parents, or among siblings! Then when a crisis occurs and decisions have to be made quickly, precious time is lost in getting everyone up-to-date on what has been going on with mom and dad…or someone  (the primary caregiver in the family) makes a quality of life decision for their parents and because other siblings have been out of the loop, they often do not agree with the decision and the result of their questioning the decision maker adds tension to the situation at a time when stress is already high due to the current crisis.

The primary caregiver has the responsibility to make sure all siblings know the on-going health and safety concerns of their parents, current medication dosages, and emergency contact information (personal and professional).  Additional benefits for the primary caregiver to regular communication about your parents needs means that other siblings will not automatically question your actions.  They will better understand your specific requests for help.  Your parents cannot “blindside ” them when all the siblings have the same information.  And they will be prepared to give you respite when you need it!

Contact Susan at 815-313-5738 or e-mail Susan@YourRootsandWings.com.  Work with me to decide what and how you can easily stay connected with your siblings.  We will ensure that no one is out of the loop for when things change rapidly and quality of life decisions for your parents have to be made.

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