Do you know the story behind the Snowbabies?

By Hoffman's Patterns of the Past | Dec 05, 2012

Snow Babies--we have a great selection of Department 56 Snow Baby figures: this year's and older. Did you know that Snow Babies were inspired by Marie Ahnighito Peary, the daughter of Arctic explorer Admiral Robert Peary, born in Greenland in 1893. Her middle name is in honor of the Inuit woman who made her first fur clothing. The Inuit at first wanted to know if she was made of snow, because she was so white, and called her Ah-Poo-Mik-A-Ninny, which translates as "Snow Baby. In 1901, Admiral Peary's wife, Josephine, published about a book about Marie called "The Snow Baby," and as polar exploration fever hit the world, small figurines decorated with shredded porcelain to look like fur became popular--the earliest Snow Babies!

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