By Curtis R. Imel, D.D.S., P.C. , Tushar S. Shah, D.D.S. -Orthodontists | Apr 23, 2013

If you or your child are having issues with severe crowding, narrow jaws, underbites, crossbites, or overbites, you should see an orthodontist to evaluate if you need braces.  Dr. Imel is offering FREE initial exams to evaluate your situation.  You can call our office at 815-224-2355 to set up an appointment.  Children as young as seven should have an orthodontic evaluation. The jaws are still growing at this age and are sometimes best treated early.  You don't need a referral, you may just call for an appointment if think you or your child may need braces.  As adults, teeth can still be moved and crooked teeth can be made straight.  Call today to receive that FREE initial consultation from Dr. Imel.  815-224-2355

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