A Civil War Exhibit at Lock 16 Center

Education Events
Lock 16 Center
754 First Street, LaSalle, IL 61301
Heather Wickens
Feb 12, 2013
8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Visit the following two exhibits at Lock 16 Center
Monday-Saturday 8:00am – 5:30pm

Saturday, February 2, 2013 – Wednesday, February 27, 2013

To Kill and to Heal:  Weapons and Medicine of the Civil War
The deadliest weapon of the Civil War was one that nobody could see, killing two soldiers for every one felled by gunfire.
The extraordinary casualties caused by that invisible killer, disease; the conventional weapons used to create slaughter
on an unprecedented scale; horrific injuries suffered on the battlefield; and the heroic efforts of medical personnel
to treat soldiers on both sides are described in this exhibit.

Abraham Lincoln and the I&M Canal
Abraham Lincoln believed that the Illinois & Michigan Canal promoted the settlement and growth of Northern Illinois.
Ultimately, the canal made a once small settlement, Chicago, thrive and become a major transportation and economic center
for the entire nation.  The exhibit explores Abraham Lincoln’s connection to the Illinois & Michigan Canal from his early days
in Illinois and the creation of the I&M Canal to his desire to expand it during his Presidency.
Visit this exhibit on Saturday, February 16 or Monday February, 18, and receive a free children’s activity book and exhibit guide.