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2015 South Pacific Vacations.*

By All Points Travel | Aug 26, 2014

Closer Encounters Oceans Away.

When you dream of the South Pacific, do you imagine snapping pictures of Ayers Rock from a distance, or approaching it on camelback as the sun slowly rises behind it? Do you envision admiring the towering rock walls of Milford Sound from afar, or feeling the water mist your face as you cruise through them? Do you see yourself merely tasting local cuisine, or enjoying a barbecue and ancient folklore around a campfire in the Outback?

At Globus, we dream big – and travel big. We go beyond the expected in Australia and New Zealand to bring you closer to the remarkable, the extraordinary and the invigorating – from penguin parades and Tasmanian devils to glowworm caves and bubbling mud pools.

You can take a trip to the South Pacific. Or you can soak in more of the southern hemisphere with our Local Favorites and VIP experiences – embracing the freedom of Australia, the timelessness of New Zealand and even the breeziness of Fiji along the way.

$1,000 per couple Vacation Credit on 2015 air-inclusive 'Exploring Australia' & 'Great Adventure Down Under' Tours.*