2014 Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange

By J. Burt & Associates | Dec 27, 2013



Students and families interested in participating in the Rotary Short Term Youth Exchange are invited to apply with a deadline of  January 27th, 2014.


Students ages 15 to 19 will have an opportunity to travel abroad for just over the cost of a plane ticket and spending money.  The Short Term Youth Exchange, sponsored by Illinois Valley Sunrise Rotary, offers the chance for a student to be paired with another student in a country of their choice.  The students then spend four weeks in each of their homes, sharing in one another's culture and family life, hosted by each student’s local Rotary Club.


There is no language fluency requirement as the foreign students who participate, and often their family members, generally speak English as a second language.  Participating families are responsible for travel costs, passport fees, spending money, and the reciprocal expense of hosting a providing local activities for the other student while that student visits here.


Illinois Valley Sunrise Rotary Club will cover the administrative costs for two selected applicants, or on a sliding scale pending additional participants.  Past participants have had fascinating experiences in Italy, Germany, Spain, Finland, Belgium, England, and Austria.  Northern hemisphere countries are preferred as students’ summer vacations are closely matched.


For more information, contact Illinois Valley Sunrise Rotary Club member J. Burt, at 815-223-1222 or email hjburt@aol.com.

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